User Registration + Stripe (after payment is approved only) [RESOLVED]


The Stripe Addon ( describes that its possible to “Configure your form so that users created with the User Registration Add-On are only created after payment is approved.”

I couldn’t find any details about it in the documentation.

Can anyone advise me on how I can set my form up so that a user has to make a payment via Stripe in order to complete registration please.

Thanks in advance!

If the payment is not approved by Stripe, no entry will be created, and thus no user will be created. There is no special configuration needed. If the payment does not go through, the user is not created. It’s simpler than setting up PayPal in that respect.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Ah wow thats amazing. So simple!
Thank you Chris

Yeah. The docs make it seem like there is something special to do. It sort of happens automatically with any of the payment add-ons that accept the credit card details in the form. Glad that is working for you.