Feed Processing with User Registration Add-on & Stripe Add-ons

I have a set of forms visitors use to enroll in classes. These forms utilize the User Registration Add-on and Stripe Add-on. Users are required to be logged in to use these forms. I am using the “Stripe Payment Form (Stripe Checkout)” option in the Stripe Add-on

Notification emails are set to send after the payment has been processed and the Stripe Add-on is set to “Delay User Registration” until after payment has been processed.

All of that seems to be working great.

The Problem:
This form frequently has people who enroll in these classes using a 100% free coupon code which bypasses Stripe and that means the form is never notified to send out notification emails or process user registration add-on settings.

The Question:
Is there a way to process user registration and trigger notification emails when someone bypasses Stripe using a 100% discount code?

(We have found a workaround for notification emails by duplicating them and adjusting the conditional logic)

I was going to recommend using an additional User Registration Create User feed, and adjust the conditional logic there (as you did with the notifications) but there is a limitation of one Create User Registration feed per form, so that won’t work.

I don’t see a way around that right now, but I will leave this open in the event someone else has a suggestion on how to approach this.

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