Trying to make a booking thing and I am stuck

I trying to make a cleaning booking form and can’t figure out some customizations:

  1. It will have a date calendar and a time drop down ( 8am -10 am ; 10am -12 am and so on ) that need to be connected to google calendar.
    I managed to connect it with zapier - it works, BUT what I can’t figure out is how to disable/remove dates/times that are already booked so it won’t overlap with already booked slots.

  2. Is it possible to display in real time ( not mandatory in real time - could be the button from point 3 ) form values in another div outside the form? For example when the client select 3 bathrooms in the form it will show in a div 3 bathrooms, total cost and so on

  3. Need to make a button that will show the total cost only when I press it ( something like “calculate the price” ) and only after that to display paypal/cc field .

I could use a addon/plugin , but after searching a lot I can’t find anything

as an example for 1 and 2 it’s not using gravity forms, but the functionality is kind of what I am trying to do


Hi Adrian. For a complex application like bookings or appointments, I definitely recommend a plugin rather than trying to piece it together. Here are a couple solutions:


Take a look at those and see how many of your requirements can be met with a plugin. Please let us know what you find out.