Gravity Hotel Reservations


We have a client who needs a booking system, that is for pet boarding as such. So allows an individual to book a daily rate in, so across multiple days. There is a high season and low season. Exactly what a hotel reservation would be. How can we built something like this with Gravity Forms, we tried g appointments, but this is more for 1 hour timeslots for instance.
Thank you in advance

Gravity Forms doesn’t provide any booking features out of the box. Apart from the gAppoiments add-on, there are a few others that you could try:

If they don’t fit your needs, Gravity Forms are official partners with Codeable, the #1 WordPress outsourcing service. They can provide quality development from hand-picked Gravity Forms specialists for any project size and budget. Additionally, they can also provide you with a no-obligation estimate of what the project may cost upfront. You can reach them via this link.

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