Add Calendly or other booking calendar to input field

Is there any way to add Calendly, or any similar appointment booking calendar as an input field in Gravity Forms?

Our existing form asks users for their name, address, phone, email and other input fields. We would like to allow them to schedule an appointment at the same time.

We have some experience with Calendly, but are open to other solutions.

Gravity Forms doesn’t provide any built-in integration or support for Calendy or similar booking features, but there are some third-party add-ons that you could try:

Their description for embedding a Calendly into WP looks like it should map closely for an HTML field within a Gravity Form.

If you want updates from Calendly to flow back to the form, it looks like their API docs have some options. It doesn’t seem like they have any endpoints which you can programatically add to a calendar, but with Gravity Flow’s incoming webhook extension you could have a step within the workflow await to receive changes (customer re-schedules?) that expires based on the selected date. Or use a separate form entry start a new workflow that updates multiple fields/values.


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