Transmitting data when using Password fields

Hi there,
I tried to use a form with a password field and connect it with Zapier. Zapier or the other app needs the data the user filled in the Password field in my form. But it seems neither the data that was filled in the password field is trasnamitted to zapier nor its included in my form message I receive when a gravity form(without zapier connected) is submitted.
Is it possible to send password data with a form as well?

Thanks in advance.

Gravity Forms does not save or transmit password data, so I don’t believe it will be possible to send a password from Gravity Forms to Zapier.

oh, so the only usecase of the password field would be to make a wordpress user?

That’s correct.

Even I am trying to use the password field in the advanced field tab but as said I am unable to save or see the data from the password field in export. I am trying to create an automatic password reset form for my organization’s email box.
If I won’t be able to use this password field in the advance tab can you suggest to me some other options to achieve my goal to take the new password from the user and update it in my database?

Hi Nidhi. Gravity Forms won’t store any data collected with the Password field. If you want to store a password, you can use a single line text field, and enable the setting “Enable Password Input” on the Advanced tab. That will mask the input but you will have access to whatever is entered into that field. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Yes I have already tried that . But in that I cannot use toggle to hide what the user has entered so mistakenly if a user enters something that he don’t want as password he wont be able to recover his password as the entered value is masked.
Secondly, I cannot restrict the input in such kind of field. I cannot show the strength of password and many other password related properties will not be used if I convert single text to password.

Thank you

That is all true. I do not have any other workaround for you. We do not facilitate storing passwords in Gravity Forms, which is why the password field works the way it does (following WordPress best practices.) Any other use is most likely a security issue.

You may be able to customize something to grab the value from the password field before the entry is stored but we don’t have any information on how to accomplish that. Thank you.

Thank you Chris.

I would like to know one more thing is there any way through which I can make a field non editable by the user on a form. Like are there any properties I need to tick off or something.


Hi Nidhi. There are no property settings for the fields in the form editor. You can use this method to make the field value uneditable:


Or, there is an add-on that will enable a setting for you:

Let us know if you need anything else.

Ok I will have look at these codes. Thank you so much.

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Hello Chris,
Thank you for the read only solution that worked.

Do you have any idea how can I store the values from submitted form to an external MySQL database along with WP data base. Or can I write any query which will run whenever new entry is submitted by the form. i.e. can I monitor WP data base like any other and trigger a script whenever new entry added to that DB.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Nidhi. Writing a trigger for the MySQL database would be up to you. There’s nothing different about the data Gravity Forms stores in the database from anything else.

If you want to store your data in another location after the form is submitted, each time, you can use the gform_after_submission hook:

Or, you can use something like Zapier to do the same (with a Pro or Elite license and our Zapier Add-On):