Passing encrypted query parameters and decrypting them in Gravity Forms

I am generating query parameters in PHP that I want to use to prefill a Gravity Form’s fields. Is there a way to hook into gravity forms to perform the decryption or is their another way to do this? I need to securely pass this data in the query parameter to prevent someone from tampering with the data and/or abusing the form.

Hello PSUOOE. If you are using PHP to prefill the fields, are you using the gform_field_value or gform_pre_render filter? If so, that is where you would be catching the query string and decrypting the value. Can you provide any of the code you are using so we can see where you need to decrypt the values?

So far I am only generating a URL with encrypted query parameters that goes to the page with our form on it. I am looking at how to hook in to the form to decrpyt it before and after submission.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, how about this plugin to handle the whole thing for you?

If you are interested in creating your own custom wheel, we may be able to provide some additional guidance or documentation.

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