Unable to download encrypted data from wordpress site

Hi team,

Can anyone help me with the issue below.

We have implemented gravity forms now we want to download the filled forms from wordpress site. We are unable to see the encrypted data in pdf. Our document has everything encrypted hence its blocking us.

Solution: is there a way we can decrypted the data and allow user to download their forms? Plz help

What are you using the encrypt the data, and have you talked with them about making that data unencrypted in the PDF?

Gravity Forms does not create a PDF nor does it do any encryption, so it’s not likely there is a Gravity Forms function that can help you with this.

Hey thanks for responding.

We are encrypting data in SQL backend that is entered by user using gravity form. These are sensitive data. We now want to enable user to download their filled forms

As I mentioned, that is not Gravity Forms functionality. If you are encrypting it in the SQL backend, you will need to provide a method for decrypting it. I’m not sure when or how you will do that, in time to have it decrypted in the PDF. I will leave this open in case someone else wants to add their experience.

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