Need PDF and Gravity View Help with Gravity Forms

I have 2 old forms on my website…but my site was just upgraded to WordPress. I’m going to redo these forms myself in Gravity Forms. HOWEVER, I do need a lot of work as follows:

  • I need a login page set up for my clients. As administrator I will create the logins and passwords for the users. On the login page, there should be links to the two forms with some notation that users can complete the forms without logging in.

  • After a user submits a form, the data should go to a custom PDF form. I want the PDFs to match the design of the two PDF forms I currently have (I can provider samples of the two forms).

  • There must be a table view of the data submitted similar to what I currently have. There are 3 possible views: Archived Forms (in other words, I as administrator can archive forms after seeing them but users cannot archive them). Non-Archived Forms (the default being “new” forms that were created) and All Forms. In this view will be a link to the PDF for that particular form. Again I can provide an image of what the table view should look like. I assume you would use Gravity View to accomplish this.

  • As administrator I can view all forms. For a regular user they will be able to view all forms they submitted under their login.

  • After a user submits a form the user will come to a confirmation page. On that confirmation page should be a link to the PDF for that form.

  • I assume I will use an encryption plug in such as by Plugin Owl for certain fields like Social Security number. The PDFs must be able to show the unencrypted data somehow or maybe just the last 4 digits of the SS #.

If anyone believes they can tackle this job, please email me at with any questions and any quote/estimate for the pricing.

Thank you,
Medical Billing Professionals

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