Query String - PDF

I am looking for an add-on or some custom work for the form results to be converted into a pdf.
I have a form with about 10 questions. Once submitted, I would like for the user to be redirected to a page on the site where they can view their results by using the Query String (more on this below). Ideally, it would be great if the results could appear in a pdf where the header / footer on the pdf is already created and the form results appear in the main content area. This way the client could just view and download/print the pdf.

I suppose the query string could just appear on a page, and then the client could have a print/pdf option for that page.

Also, regarding the Query String. Is there anymore documentation on this? The link in GF just goes to a Wikipedia page. If I enter the field data in the Confirmation area in Gravity form, how do i get that info to show up on page they are redirected to?

Gravity PDF could be a good solution to convert your Gravity Form entry to a PDF document.

Disclosure: I’m the founder :slight_smile:

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