Pass Field Data via Query String from 1st Form to 2nd Form [RESOLVED]

Hey Guys,

I’m totally lost on this one trying to Pass Field Data via Query String from 1st Form to 2nd Form. I just don’t get the way to setup the FIELDS from 1st form to 2nd form. Here are some screen grabs. Not sure what else I should show.

the 1st form is: This form is like a 4 part form not important other than the images attached
the 2nd from is: NextGen Requires you to sign our NDA Agreement Form and submit your Photo ID - Next Gen Living Homes

1st form

2nd form

See Populating a Form Based On Another Submission | Gravity Forms

Your query string setting is missing the parameter key which you set on the advanced tab of the field in the second form. Which could result that yours might be something like:


Here’s the Parameter from the 1st form as selected from the options: {Name (First):1.3}&{Name (Last):1.6}&{Company:2}&{Mobile Phone:14}&{Email:4}&{Company:2}

I’m still lost

Here’s what I have in the advanced fields of the 2nd form for name:

The parameter names should not have spaces in them - so name_first and name_last instead.

For your querystring you need to include that parameter name as well as the merge tag portion which you have. So name_first={:1.3}&name_last={:1.6}.

This is probably a question better sent to the Gravity Forms support channel if further assistance is required.

OK I’ve got all FIELDS getting re-populating but when I asked a colleague to test the form he got all FIELDS filled but with my own DATA not his DATA. Here are my current setting. I’m still at a loss. But getting closer I Think… HA HA

WRONG screen grab here’s the right one

This topic was too difficult for Gravity support to handle, so I had to go to Gravity Wiz Forms and get Easy Passthrough Perks. It worked in less than 10 minutes