Integration Issue - Gravity Forms, Zapier, Salesforce

I’m looking for some advice or direction to an answer to my query. I have a form with a checkbox on it and I want to pass the value whether it be true or false through Zapier and into a checkbox field in Salesforce.

I can’t seem to figure this out, any advice? Thanks,

What sort of issue are you running into?

If you need to modify the value that is being sent to Zapier (and thus Salesforce) after the form is submitted, you can use this filter:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for responding. I’ve created a form that contains a checkbox “Please do not email me” I’ve specified the value should be ‘1’.

When I am creating my zap in Zapier to pass the user selected value on this question into a corresponding checkbox field in Salesforce I run into problems.

First off, the insert field option is not available to me when creating the zap.

If I select the ‘Use a Custom Value (advanced)’ option, I now have access to the insert field option and when I scroll to find the relevant question on my form I see two entries (see image below):

I thought it would have something to do with merge tags that why the values greyed out look like that but its the same when I have the value set to ‘1’ only that the grey text reads as ‘1’ so to me it looks like Zapier is trying to force me to select a global constant regardless of the field value selected by the user. Any help greatly appreciated.

Have you checked with Zapier about why the values are greyed out, and what they expect the value to be for that field type?