Sending LABEL rather than VALUE to CRM through Zapier

I started using values for each field label to score each user’s inputs to determine if they qualify or not. This works far better than using many filters to do the same thing via the normal labels.

The only problem is that Zapier gets the VALUE, not the LABEL, which ends up showing a 0, 1, 2, etc. in the CRM instead of the label that is represented by those values.

How can I fix this? I’ve already scoured all the resources I can find and started a help ticket with Zapier as well.

You can use the gform_zapier_field_value filter for that:

If you need any assistance with the actual code, please let us know.


I found that using GF_Field::get_value_export worked. I still ran into the issue of having used duplicate values for different choices/labels in the form - I did this for very basic Lead Scoring purposes, and found a solution through simply adding or subtracting 0.1 to each duplicate value, as needed to make the math work. If you’re reading this and you know a better way to do the lead scoring, I’d love to know.

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