Paragraph Text field content mess up webhook payload in Zapier

Hi. First of all, I’m not a code head… So I’m in deep trouble solving this problem. The thing is that my form is sent to Zapier and from Zapier to a CRM system via a custom webhook… When someone has used special characters or linebreak in the Paragraph text field it messes up the JSON payload I’m sending from Zapier. Can anyone help me to find a way to solve this? I don’t know where to start :-/

Hello JP. Without code, you might need a hand with this. My suggestion would be to use the gform_zapier_field_value filter to strip out those characters before sending to Zapier:

Or, it’s possible that you can modify that at Zapier using one of the Formatter steps:

That would be done in the Zap editor without code, but I’m not sure if that is one of the possible transformations.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thanks @chrishajer
Would it be possible to use something like this?

add_filter( 'gform_export_field_value', 'decode_export_values' );
function decode_export_values( $value ) {
    $value = str_replace(array("\n", "\t", "\r"), '', $value);
    return $value;

I just don’t understand what to put in the ‘gform_export_field_value’ and ‘decode_export_values’
I think it’s the “return” and “new line” in the “Paragraph Text field” that courses problems.

I found it under

Hi JP. Are you exporting and then sending to Zapier somehow, or are you using our Zapier Add-On? If you are using the Zapier Add-On you will need to use gform_zapier_field_value.

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