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Question on Tab Index.

I have a form with Text Inputs and Radio Buttons fields.

When I press “TAB”, the cursor jumps from Text Input to Text Input instead of, in this case, a Radio Button field.

Wondering if there is a way to tab into a radio button field?

Here is a screencast to help make sense of my question:

It’s possible to hijack the tab keypress and make it function like this but it would be a non-standard solution (not just for Gravity Forms but all HTML forms). More information here:

EEEK, not sure how’d I’d ever implement that into a Gravity Form!? :flushed:

Scratch my first answer. I missed your video and misunderstood your question. Do you have a URL where I could interact with your form directly?

Good morning and thanks for looking David. The url to see form is

I would recommend submitting a support ticket for this so we can dig into it. Thank you.

Thanks Chris…done. :slight_smile:

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