Radio buttons skipped when tabbing


I updated to v2.5.2 today and disabled the legacy option for our contact form. I’m still running into the same issue I’ve had with 2.4 and earlier where tabbing skips right over radio buttons. I’m experiencing the same thing with a more complex form on the site, but this contact form is a good one to look at with it being a small one. Contact - WUSC (World University Service of Canada)

Is there something I’m missing in the form set up?


Hi Ken. I see what you mean. When landing on that page, what would you expect to happen, and what happens instead? Are you navigating the page completely with the keyboard, or are you clicking into the radio button field and trying to tab from there?

Hi Chris,

I’m navigating just with the keyboard, it skips over the radio buttons and starts at the First Name field which is the second question.

On a related note, if I click with my mouse to select one of the radio button options, using the up/down arrow keys doesn’t work either to select a different radio button option.

Hello. Thank you for that report. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue.

Before doing that, be sure that this form does the same thing in the form preview, as a quick check to see if this behaviour is related to another plugin or the theme on your site.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your feedback, I found out what it was. In our case it was Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder causing the problem when enabling the styling option for radio and checkboxes. The moment you disable that option Gravity Forms works as intended for tabbing through those types of fields.

I’ll open a ticket with them to let them know.

Thanks again, have a great day,

Thanks for the update @WUSC.