Disappearing radio buttons

Hi there wonderful community of Gravity forms experts! I need some help please, with a strange issue:
I am duplicating a form which looks perfectly ok.
You can see the radio buttons there just fine.

However on the duplicate page. The radio buttons disappear and you can only see the text, and no radio buttons.

I cannot figure out why thy are the same fields, with the same settings and the page itself is duplicated.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
I tried removing and adding them again.


Any ideas dear community on how to tackle this.

Hi Iran. The form on this page (duplicate):

Is not the same as the form on this page (original):

These radio button options do not exist here:

  • In-house Corporate Training for my organization or team
  • Attending a Masterclass for myself / a colleague
  • Meeting & Collaboration Health Check for my team/organisation
  • Executive Coaching for myself, a colleague or my team
  • Something else (please write in the box)

That said, on this page Enrol for the Bootcamp| Madeleine de Hauke | Business 4 Good the checkbox inputs are not showing:

There is an inline style being applied, probably by your theme:

It looks like your theme tries to style the radio buttons and checkboxes, so it hides the default inputs, but in this case, it is not outputting the proper styles to replace the input styles (and possibly radio button styles.) I recommend switching to a default theme like Twenty Twenty for a moment to see if the checkboxes and radio buttons are visible. if they are, you know the theme is making those inputs invisible. At that point, I recommend contacting the theme provider for support. Thank you.

Hello @chrishajer! Thank you so much for taking the time to look at the forms!

I initially copied the contact page and worked off it for the second form page. I added the new radio buttons “check boxes” and single choice answers and both disappeared, no radio boxes were visible nor check boxes.

I also thought the theme is hiding these somehow with the styling, But I couldn’t find it anywhere.
What is strange then, is how come the style shows up on the Contact page but it doesn’t show up on any new buttons I add.

I will reach out to the Theme developers as you suggested.

Hello @chrishajer I figured that if I switch to the normal theme, not the child theme all the forms start to look alike. So when I activate the child theme, only the contact me form is displayed nicely.

And another thing I worked out. The website has the plugin: Styler for Gravity Forms
the settings are the same on both form pages.
Both pages have Additional CSS pasted in the Customize field which seems the same. Yet the Contact Form page displayed the radio buttons differently and the the Submit button.

I am baffled. Any idea how I can apply the same styling to new forms?

PS. I cannot get any support from the theme developers the support option has expired an year ago…


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