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I am attempting to hide the radio buttons selection button in the fields of my gravity form using the css for the page. I want my customers to select the image I have placed in the text field and see a little color around the image when they have selected it. Here is the code:

.hideradio input[type="radio"]{display:none;}
body .gform_wrapper ul.gfield_radio li input[type="radio"]:checked+label img{border:solid #000 1px;}

I feel that I am targeting the fields, however the input and body tags are greyed out and not effecting the form field. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

Please share the URL to the page on your site where we can see your form. Thank you.

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I am also not able to target the product and option price fields that I set to radio. I would think that if I set the class to hideradio then I would be able to target the field. And when I and the second class of hideradio in the label field, the class of zoom is negated. I have also put hideradio in the custom CSS of the field.

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You have the classes entered properly, so I am not sure why they are not working together. Have you already shared the URL so we can take a look?

Yes, apparently the second email overrode the first one because it wont allow me to send more than one image.

Here is the first email without the image. It was a screen shot of the css showing it greyed out and not working.

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Thank you for your response. I am ugly enjoying the diversity, ability and power of gravity forms.

The URL is: https://jtcerakote.com/order-form-test-page/

The code I am using inside the radio button field label is:

(<)img src= “https://jtcerakote.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Untitled_Artwork.jpg” height=“100px” width=“100px” class=“zoom” class=“hideradio”>

(removed to display code and not picture)

I am using the code in the CSS found on this legacy gravity forms forum:


(again removed because system wont allow me to post more than one link) [why the heck is that? I can’t show the problem, direct you to the form where i got the information, and give the url to the gform with only one picture and link… sorry, frustrated)

But the input is grayed out and not affecting the field:

Can you please contact us here with the details?

These forums are not helping us resolve your issue. Thank you.

There are third-party add-ons that help with this: