Radio button not showing up properly


I am having a difficult time with radio buttons that don’t want to format. The radio button is appearing above the text and I want the text to be on the right side of the radio button and for them to appear as a list. How would I do that?

Screenshot 2023-11-02 132014

Please share a link to the page on your site where we can see the form. We’ll need to find the conflicting CSS and override it. Thank you.

Hey @mrvrach
I was unable to find the radio buttons you mentioned on the provided URL. Could you please double-check and send the exact URL so I can further investigate and resolve the issue?

Here what I found when visited the URL: :point_down:

Is there another way I can give you the file you’re looking at? There is no way for me to give you access to these forms.

Hi Moris. We will need to see the form online with your current theme. Can you put that somewhere, maybe one of our free demo sites?

You can install your theme there and import your form. Then embed the form in a page and if you have the same issue, send us that URL. Thank you.

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