Field Tab order

Is it possible to customize the tabindex for individual fields? Some of my fields tab in an unexpected order that I’d like to adjust.

Thank you!

For individual fields, not really. The browser generally controls the tab order. As part of our accessibility push, Gravity Forms stopped outputting the tab index a while ago (v2.3 in fall 2017), to let the browser take over.

The tab order in the browser will generally follow the order the fields appear in the markup of the page (the order in which they appear in the form builder.)

What issue are you having specifically, and can you share a link to the page on your site where we can see your form?

Hi Chris, thanks for your response. Always helpful!

I have a persistent field for notes that sticks to every page of a multipage form. It gets moved by jQuery and I don’t want users to tab to it. Would have been helpful to be able to set the tabindex manually in this scenario, but that sounds like it can’t be done?

Sorry the form is on a password protected page currently.

If you’re using jQuery already, can you also set the tabindex for that element in the jQuery:

$('#input_ID').prop('tabIndex', -1);

Hm some odd stuff going on, and I’m guessing it has not much to do with GF.

Adding the tabindex attr on document ready correctly adds the tabindex ‘-1’ visible when I inspect the input DOM object, but in the HTML markup it doesn’t add the attr.

In this situation tabbing still flows to the input.

However if I edit the HTML markup manually in the inspector and add 'tabindex="-1", then this has the desired effect. The input is skipped when I tab. :thinking: