Anchor to Specific Tab in Gravity Form

Hi There !
I added the gravity form to first tab - I would like the page to load to second tab after click on submission ( because there is no specific URL to add to confirmation ). is there anyway to do that with Gravity form ? .
I was trying to use anchor … but little bit difficult . Please help …

Hi Khoa,

Do you have a URL to the page where your form is located, so we could see what you intend to do?

Hi Phil — ( Zipcode validate 80020 ) ( I’ve done something similar , but I know its not the rightway )

Hi Khoa,

As far as I could see in the example you provided the form just displayed the confirmation in the normal way, via Javascript.

I’m still not really sure what it is that you’re after. Sorry, maybe I’m just not seeing the woods for the trees…


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