Stripe Webhook Failing

I am getting messages that the webhook for Stripe from Gravity Forms.

I am cutting and pasting the exact URL from the Gravity Forms settings into Stripe. The email states:

We’re contacting you because we’ve had some trouble sending requests to a webhook endpoint associated with your account in live mode. Webhooks are used to notify your server about events that happen in your Stripe account, such as a payout completing or an invoice being created. The failing webhook endpoint is

I logged into the account and found the following details:

Invalid request. Webhook could not be processed. No signatures found matching the expected signature for payload

If that is the exact message, the issue is that you did not change “” to your own website URL.

Add this to your website home URL and use that in your Stripe account settings for the webhook:


If your website is the complete URL will be

You just need to ensure the URL for your site is correct, and add that string to it ?callback=gravityformsstripe and you will be all set and you’ll stop getting messages like this from

I took the website out - I am using the real URL.

It would be easiest if you submit a support ticket, so you don’t have to redact any information and we can actually help you resolve the issue. Chances are there is a redirect from the URL you are using to the actual URL. That could be www vs non-www, or http vs https. It would be quicker to open a support ticket so we can gather real information rather than abstract. Thank you.

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What I found when I was working with webhooks, was that the hooks didn’t work because of caching. I had the domain working through CloudFlare and had to add ‘cache busting rules’ (can’t really recall how those are called in CF) to make sure they’d be getting through correctly.

And what Chris said :slight_smile:


I’ve also found that my Stripe test mode webhooks will begin failing (I get similar notifications) once I’ve switched GF to live mode. At that point, I need to ensure I either delete or disable my test webhook in Stripe.

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In updating from gravity forms credit card to stripe credit card, following the instructions meant creating another webhook with the same name/url as existing webhook. Payments weren’t working until I disabled earlier webhooks with same url/name. Should there not be webhooks with same call back name? Have I disabled something that will cause problems (monthly donation subscription maybe?). I can’t find any info on updating the existing webhook (if possible) vs. creating an additional one, etc. or webhook related triage for updating the SCA and I can’t really distinguish between these different webhooks - but I think I should only have one since they all are originating from gravity forms. Or possibly 2 since I have a sub account on Stripe.

Hi Becky. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue, as it’s a different issue from the one which was being discussed in this topic last year.

You can open a support ticket here: