Stripe says Gravity Forms is imposing a payment ceiling(?)

GF v2.7.7
GF Stripe add-on v.4.3

We set up a form to register people for a workshop where the fee is $650. Stripe returns an error message: “There was a problem with your submission. We are not able to process your payment request at this moment.”

Testing showed that payments for low dollar amounts were getting processed. So we called Stripe support. They verified that all the high deposits show that they have been cancelled. And they said “The application is blocking it - Gravity Forms by Rocket Genius. Check integration and remove the payment ceiling.”

We have a donation form on the same website using the same Stripe integration and it has processed payments of $5000. We had the Gravity Perks plugin installed and were using the Inventory perk, but I’ve deactivated those and we’re still seeing the problem.

Does anyone know of a payment ceiling or pricing cap or any other limit on a transaction amount that is imposed by Gravity Forms?

UPDATE: I turned on logging, and the Stripe add-on log shows the following on the cancelled transactions:
Amount mismatch. PaymentIntent: $958.08. Expected: $938.67. Cancelling PaymentIntent.

I’m researching PaymentIntent and Expected, but if anyone already knows what that means, and how GF could be sending two different amounts, please pass it along.


Every time we’ve seen this issue in Gravity Wiz support it’s always been the result of a conditional logic configuration issue. I’d look at the order details that you’re expecting to see and compare them with the order summary in the Entry Detail view. Typically this will reveal some discrepancy that clarifies where the conditional logic may be behaving in an unexpected way.

Thank you, David!

It’s certainly possible that there’s a conditional logic issue as I built this form from an existing one. I’ll check that out.


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