Gravity Forms Stripe sending 0 amount - parameter_invalid_integer - amount

I keep getting an error in the Gravity Logs for Stripe:

2021-06-25 9:23:01.693403 - DEBUG → GFStripe::include_stripe_api(): Initializing Stripe API for test mode.

Inside the Stripe Logs I can see the following error:

parameter_invalid_integer - amount
This value must be greater than or equal to 1.





“currency”: “”,

“capture_method”: “manual”,

“confirmation_method”: “manual”,

“confirm”: “false”


How I can solve this? I am sending the amount of the Product Field.

Anybody? :frowning:
This is so frustrating and gf support is taking long to reply.

If you have already contacted support, share the ticket number here and I will look into it for you. Thank you.

Hi Chris, thanks for your reply. Yes Inhave contacted support last week (#350063). Would really appreciate your help.

I’ll check on that for you on Monday morning.

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Thank You Chris, really appreciate that!!!

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I found your ticket Phillip and it’s with a product engineer currently. Samuel was unable to find the issue and the ticket has been escalated and is still open. I will keep my eye on it and post any updates here. Thank you.

Thanks for checking on this! Any update on the issue?

Hi Phillip. I saw that Richard has replied to your ticket. This is an issue that the product team identified and they are working on a fix for this now. We do not have an estimate for when the fix will be available. Thank you for your patience.