Stripe + Fields to collect Bank Details for Direct Debit Payments

We use Gravity Forms, and it’s connected to Stripe for payments, but now we also want the option for Direct Debit. We added a radio button option for Credit Card (Stripe) or Direct Debit (text fields to obtain bank account details, etc.) and Conditional Logic to show either Stripe CC or the DD fields…

The problem is, when you check the radio button for Direct Debit and enter DD fields, there is a strip error “There was a problem with your submission. Unable to authorize card. No response from Stripe.js”. We don’t want it to use Stripe in this instance.

How do we get around this, and is it even safe for us to ask for BSB and Account details in a text field?

To get rid of the error, you probably need to set your Stripe feed to be conditional on the person choosing the credit card option for payment.

But to answer your bigger question: it is absolutely NOT safe or advisable to ask for this data! This puts the site owner at significant liability and I’m fairly certain means that the site owner is no longer PCI compliant.

I hope you are aware that the newest version of the Stripe add-on for Gravity Forms allows you to take ACH payments as well as credit card payments. The user gets to make the choice, and all of that is very safe and compliant.

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