Accept Direct Bank Payments with recurring option

Is there a way to accept payments via direct bank method?

We don’t offer any payment add-ons that support bank transfer or ACH at this time. We do have that on our list of requested features. I’ll add your vote.


Hi Chris,

Please add my vote as well.

With a little digging around, I found this supposed add-on:

Does Gravity Forms know anything about it? I contacted the developers to find out more. The last commit was September 2018, so it seems fairly recent.

I will post back when I hear or discover more.


Actually, it looks like this is a free add-on if you are using a gateway other than Stripe, which won’t work in my case.

Any information you have would be great. Thanks!

I don’t have any information about that specifically, but I did see that it was for two other payment gateways. In fact, I recommended that to someone earlier today:

Thanks Chris. It looks I will need to build a custom Stripe connection for this project. What is the ETA for the ACH add on and will it work with Stripe?

We don’t have an ETA at this time.

Hopefully we could get that feature soon.

Thanks for the replies.

Just to add a bump, would really like to have an ACH field to add for Stripe!

Hi Steve. I will add a vote for you.

Bumping this. REALLY NEED an ACH for Stripe. It’s a major hole in Gravity Forms right now.

Hi Justin. I recommend expressing your interest in this feature on our product roadmap here:

Could definitely use ACH payment processing through existing Stripe payment add-on.

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@Bnpositive did you add your comments to our product roadmap?

I think so!

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Hmm . … this is extremely disappointing. I’m not sure we’d have gone down this route if we new ACH is not possible. I did go to the roadmap page to add my vote but I don’t see the project listed.

What are others currently using for ACH via Stripe? Thanks