Add PLAID support to the Stripe addon for inexpensive ACH payments!

If you’re like me, you just got an email from Stripe about their pricing increases, mostly due to Visa and others increasing their rates/fees.

This really motivates me to do something that I’ve long wanted to do: get my clients to use Stripe + Plaid integration for ACH payments which are really inexpensive. However, my signup forms are all on Gravity Forms, and there’s no PLAID support in the Stripe addon!

If you have US clients and like saving money, add your voice here! Would love to see this happen.


Example WP plugins that include Plaid Support in their Stripe integrations:

EDIT: added additional links above, now that I can.

Hi @tevya - we already had an open request for ACH support in the Stripe add-on, and your name was attached to that, so I just added your comments here to that existing open request. Thank you.

Excellent @chrishajer! Thank you.

Yeah, I’ve wanted this for a long time. Hopefully enough other people do, or it makes enough sense to the team to add it. Big value add right now as all us long-time Stripe users get hit with the new fees and policies.

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@chrishajer feel free to add my voice as well. Our clients would definitely use it.

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Will do!

Count me in as well. My customers have been asking for this for a while. Do we have an ETA at all? Wondering if we should just code something in the meantime.

There is no ETA at this time. I will add a vote for you @gldixon

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