Stripe Credit Card Fields Sends Empty Data

Due to the upcoming deprecation of the GF credit card module I’m faced with having to replace them with the Stripe credit card module on 13 forms. However, in one of my tests the form is sending over empty cardholder name and data to Stripe.

Any thoughts?

I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue @BarkManager:

Thanks Chris, I know you are and I appreciate that, but I can handle it if someone has any insight. Like I can’t be the only one going thru this. Right?

I forgot to mention that this statement Chris is confusing

Deprecation will not affect existing forms already using this field.

On this page
Deprecation of the Gravity Forms Credit Card Field - Gravity Forms Documentation

But on installs you guys have this notice statement going on.

Important: The form Registration Contract is using a deprecated payment collection method for Stripe that will stop working in a future version. Take action now to continue collecting payments. Learn more.

So you’re really confusing us. Do we need to make this change or can we leave them as is?

The deprecation notice means that the functionality still exists, and the credit card field will still work. However, it is going to be removed, which is why we put up the notice to switch to the Stripe card field or Stripe Checkout. There is no date for when that functionality will be removed, which is another reason we warn you to update the form now, before it breaks due to the removal of the functionality.

This problem does come up occasionally, but each situation and circumstance is different, which is why I asked you to open a support ticket. With that, we can gather all the information we need to assist you (something we could not do in these forums.) Additionally, with payment issues, because they are so important, I always recommend opening a ticket, rather than relying on public advice in a forum.

Thank you.

I appreciate that Chris, I know what it means. It just seems counterintuitive to be honest. I’d add that then. No date to be determined, but it is going away.

It’s hard to advise our clients otherwise.

I did open a ticket. I have a test form working now. Works as it should. I was able to get it to work on my own. I’m just missing credit card icons and one column of data like Cardholder Name and or Meta Data is not coming thru.

I know my client, I’m 55 and they’re 20 years older than me. So they’re very nostalgic. They’re going to want to see credit card icons on their site.

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