Stripe Fields not Populating on Form

I have a form on this page:
It works beautifully, except the payment field broke.

It was working previously, so I’m not sure why it would stop showing the Credit Card field.
I seem to remember this happening before and there being a workaround, but I cannot find the topic or support ticket that did it.


It appears that your stripe.js file is being loaded multiple times, which may be due to multiple apps using the Stripe payment gateway. Give it a try and let me know how that goes! :smile:

Thanks for the heads up!

Sure, I have two instances where stripe is being used, sometimes with WP Simple Pay, and others with GravityForms.

But never on the same page.

How can I ‘block’ duplicates of the file on pages?

Sorry for the delay. You can try WordPress Assets manager, dequeue scripts, dequeue styles plugin (Wordpress Assets manager, dequeue scripts, dequeue styles – WordPress plugin |

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