Stripe error: "There was a problem with your submission: We are not able to process your payment request at the moment. Please try again later." [RESOLVED]

What would be the cause of the above error?
It worked previously then I started getting this error.
I have done this:

  • deleted & reinstalled the Stripe plugin
  • disabled & reconnected to the Stripe account (test mode)
  • deleted & set up the webhook again
  • the Stripe feed is active on the form
  • I don’t see any events or log entries in the Stripe portal

If I recall correctly the only time that specific error message is output in regards to the Stripe add-on is when you’ve hit the built-in rate limit for errors over a short period of time that is there to prevent card testing activity. That just temporarily blocks your IP address, submitters from other IP addresses would not be impacted. The block will also expire after a bit of time.

If you need to disable the rate limiting temporarily for testing purposes you can use the following filter, however you shouldn’t leave the rate limiting disabled long term as it is there to protect you from potential fraud activity:

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Thanks Karl

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