Sport results - ranking between players

Hi folks,

First, sorry if i’m not really clear, I will try my best to expose/explain what I need.

We are a badminton club.
On our website, we would like to introduce possibility for our members to send us their results during tournaments/competitions they run.

My first think is, ok perfect, I have gravityforms coupled to gravityview… they can easely input results and this can be automatically posted in a table view.

But… my concern is…
For example, a player is doing 2 differents tournaments…
How to increment results only on his own entry ?
As I know, two entries will be registred… is there a possibility to merge/increase results per player?

The final goal of this project, to make it more understandable, we would like to display on a dedicated page, the total points of each player during a season.
This is to add more fun internally and a peace of competition between players :slight_smile:

I hope my request is clear enough but if i need to clarify some details, do not hesitate to ask !!!

It will be a pleasure to read your reply,
Best regards and have a good day,

It is quite clear and sounds like a good project Mike!

For ‘how to increment results only on his own entry’ - you might consider adding Gravity Flow as a part of your tournament registration form. With a user input step and the inbox shortcode to display on the front-end of the site, you can ensure that the player(s) can only update their own entries the # of times that correspond to their games. It integrates well with Gravity View so that as players make updates to their score(s) (each step in the workflow), the view with a [gv_math] shortcode could tally up.

Look forward to hearing how it turns out!

Hi Jamie,

Thanks a lot for your reply and sorry for my late feedback…
I’m trying to play with Gravity Flow but this sounds extremely complexe and hard to understand mecanism…

I will try to rebuild from begining everything (form, view, survey and flow) and post a reply in next few days here.

Thanks a lot,
Have an excellent day,