Create a leaderboard function with GF?

I have been using GF for a couple of years. But now I’m looking for a new way to use it. I’m trying to make a simple form to collect walking distance from many users, making entries almost every day. I want to display a leaderboard (auto updated) throughout the year, with the user name, total distance, and number of entries. Can I make this happen in GF?

I bet you could do this with the GravityView Math add-on:

You would be totaling up a single field across all submissions for a form, for a specific user and displaying that somewhere. I recommend contacting GravityView to see if this is something well suited to their plugin. If that is not appropriate, you could do something custom using Gravity Forms API functions to pull that data and display it (possibly with a custom shortcode.)

Let us know what you find out.

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Yeah, GravityView Math can do that :wink:

Add some entries and see how that works for you. I did not use GravityView at all, and the sorting of the results would be something different (i.e. putting them in order, like a leaderboard) but in general, I think that would work.

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Thank’s for your effort Chris. It looks great. I will try your solution soon.

Best Regards

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