Totaling and Collating Form Items

Hi there,
we are thingking of using gravity forms for users to select thier lunches from a predefined list of items each day (checkbox when ticked show a number field for quantity. once they complete the form a copy is sent via email, so far so good.

what we then want is either each day at a set time is a total of each item that has been selected from all users who submitted a lunch form. if we can send it at a set time then how could we create a page that displays all this information for us?


You could use GravityView to create a page to display all the information for you. They have a math extension, which could be used to total up the frequency of each item.


GravityView math extension:

To send that information to you in a report or notification would require custom code. You could use the GFAPI class and functions to total up the information, and send yourself a message.

This would be more of a custom application, and would require familiarity with PHP to accomplish.

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thanks for the information, it looks like it may do the trick.

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