Production form

Hi All,

Is there a way to get gravity forms to calculate items selected, based on the numerical input into one of the fields?

I run a small catering company and I need to find a way to quickly communicate from the office to the kitchen the requirements for a customer.

What I am hoping to do is create a form that will have the following fields.

Job number : [text field]
Number of guests: [number field]
then menu items:[check boxes for each item] I.e chicken, beef, beef, lamb, veggie, salad.

Now for the interesting bit.

In the email notification I need two emails, one will be a prep sheet and the other an order list.

the items on the menu will have different production rates I.e chicken 110%, beef 90%, lamb 80% Veggie 60% .etc

So is there a way to get gravity forms to calculate items selected, based on the numerical input into one of the fields?

Yes, you can do that with number fields and the built in calculations. Then you can create a custom notification using individual merge tags for just the fields you want to see in each notification.

Can you share an example of one field for what would be entered, and then what you need to see in each notification? We can get you started with that and then hopefully you can take it from there. Thank you.

Hi Chris thank you so much, I have created a form with the a crude idea of what I would like to build upon.
I don’t know how to go about sharing the file with you on the forum so I shall try my best to explain.

What I would like to learn is this:
The user fill our a number field that will be the number of guests so lets say they punch in 100.

Then the form has check boxes for each menu item and once a item is selected the number field corresponding to that item populates using the correct formula the reason I would like this to happen on page is that some times my office staff may need to adjust the production numbers manually.

Each menu item will have a set formula (I.e x 1.1 or x 0.9 or x 0.8 or x0.6) to calculate the correct number of items to be produced

but ideally the number fields will appear next to the item within the check box.

The notification email will then contain the number of guests and will look like this:

The client has ordered for : {Number of guests:2} Guests

Kitchen must produce:

Chicken:{Menu (Chicken):4.1}
Beef:{Menu (Beef):4.2}
Lamb:{Menu (Lamb):4.3}

The items will only be entered will be in the notification email.

I can’t thank you enough for your offer of help. If what I’m asking is too in depth a shove in the right direction would be good.

I thin all I need to know is how to get the menu item fields to populate at a ratio from the value added in the number of guest box please.

Thanks again



I found how to do it after googling it!

May I ask is it possible to make check boxes be selected dependent on which option on a drop down box is selected please?

I’d like to use a drop down box that will preselect checkboxes to default option that can also be changed by the user
I found this at could this be something I can use? wher

add_filter( 'gform_field_value', 'populate_fields', 10, 3 );
function populate_fields( $value, $field, $name ) {
$values = array(
    'field_one'   => 'value one',
    'field_two'   => 'value two',
    'field_three' => 'value three',
return isset( $values[ $name ] ) ? $values[ $name ] : $value;

I’m afraid the conditional logic does not work like that. You can show or hide fields using conditional logic (based on the drop down selected) but you can’t pre-check any boxes based on a drop down selection using the built in conditional logic. You might be able to do that using jQuery or JavaScript but it’s not a feature of Gravity Forms. Thank you.