Use GF to Build Sign Up Style Sheet for Homeless Outreach

Each month, we collect and distribute a variety of items to support the homeless in Atlanta. I want to use Gravity Forms to allow people to sign up for the items they want to bring / donate (we will supply the list of items we need each month) & the quantity of each item they want to bring / donate. I want to be able to display a totals list of each item (monthly / annually). I’d also like to send a reminder email the Fri/Sat before the event.

Is this type of flow / process one that can be built using Gravity Forms?

Thanks in advance for your assistance / direction!

You may have an issue with the Display Part if you want to display on the Front End of your web page. Gravity Forms by itself doesn’t display very well, but you can run back end queries to get the numbers you want.

If you want to display on the front end, you need to either code the display in that you want, or you need an outside plugin, such as Gravity View, or Gravity PDF. You can also just export your entries to an Excel file and then generate your reports that way.

Gravity PDF might be a handy solution for you, though it does take A LOT of customization. Gravity View is definitely easier. The cheapest route would be exporting to Excel, and making an excel sheet that does all the work.