Clients wants a "window" showing totals of what they choose [RESOLVED]

See the two bottom fields of this form: Year Round Trash Pickup - MA Frazier - Portable Toilets & Restrooms - Trash Pickup - Storage Containers - Storage Pods - Roll Off Dumpsters

There are some conditional fields. All fields are text right now, and client wants a box to show the total quarterly billing as they choose their options. I am sure this can be done I have just never done it and am a bit lost. I figure I will have to somehow change or create number fields so they can total, not sure how to show that total in a field or “window”. Currently using an old version of Gravity Forms, am willing to upgrade the client if that helps. Any thoughts would be truly appreciated. Thanks much, Dave * there will not be any checkout or eCommerce involved, client just wants the user to see the total.

This plugin – Gravity Forms Live Summary – was just published to the WP plugin directory. Worth checking out and might meet your needs.


I will be checking this out ASAP! Thanks so much for the quick reply. This is all new to me. I remember when Form 7 and Gravity Forms were about the only options, and it was about that far back when I originally did this form for a client :slight_smile: Dave

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Thanks again Joshua. Looks like this plugin will solve my client’s issue. Much appreciated. I am going to close this ticket.

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