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Hi all,

I have a GF based use case, where different groups/classes of students are asked to fill in 3 different forms three times over the duration of a course - before, during and after a course.

Each time a form is completed, a score is calculated to allow us to assess a student’s progress. In the case of two of the forms, a lower score shows a better outcome and the other shows a better outcome with a higher score.

We want to be able to calculate the results for both individuals and a class s a whole to track progress and then display the results using charts to plot each individual student’s progress as well as displaying overall results from all students in a class, but results should only be displayed if all 3 entries of each form are complete; so we’ll need to be add conditional logic to calculations.

Can anyone suggest a plugin or combination of plugins or add-ons that will help us with this?

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I’ve not used it myself, but I wonder if GFChart would be of any use for this.

Thanks Joshua. GFCharts can only work with the individual form submissions and can’t combine or aggregate submission data for this use case, so I’m still looking

Thanks Joshua, Phil. You are correct that our GFChart plugin cannot achieve this out of the box, some custom coding would be required. An offline solution would be to export the data via a csv file into a spreadsheet. I am not aware of any online solutions that would work out of the box. Good luck!

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Thanks Ben. I’m afraid that as a Social Enterprise, funds are tight so employing developers for this is not an option for us at the moment.

We’re currently manually reporting in Excel at the moment from paper forms, so there’s a lot of manual work involved which is the burden Im looking to lift by using GF and then automating the reporting and data viz.

Thanks for your advice.

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Hi @philthebass,

Did you have a look at Gravity Flow and their Form Connector add-on? Maybe you could create one form that combines / updates the results of the different forms inside one ‘aggregated’ form.

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Thanks @erikvanbeek - I’ll check that out

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