Split Payments with Gravity Forms Stripe Integration

I hope you’re doing well. We’re currently using Gravity Forms along with the Stripe integration for payments, and we’re quite pleased with the setup.

We’re now considering the implementation of split payments using the Gravity Forms Stripe integration. Specifically, we’re looking to deduct a fixed 20% from each transaction and then distribute the remaining amount to a separate Stripe account.

Alternatively, if split payments aren’t currently supported, we’d be grateful for any suggestions on achieving this functionality.

Thank you for your assistance and insights.

@johnfromcw Do you check Authorize Net for subscription payment, need to check amount splitting as mentioned.

It is possible to create split payments like this in Stripe, but you won’t be able to do this by default with Gravity Forms. I’m pretty sure it could be custom coded though, and set up as conditional so that you could control when GF sends a single & split payment.

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