Saving payment information... Integration with Stripe Checkout possible? [RESOLVED]

I currently use GF to process payments from customers. Most customers make repeat purchases, and I’ve been looking for a simple way to save payment information to simplify the repeat purchase process. Stripe Checkout ( offers a solution, but it’s not an add-on option through GF. Haven’t found any third parties integrating it. Anyone have any luck either (a) saving payment information in a simple way and/or (b) integrating Stripe Checkout?

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Gravity Forms does have a Stripe add-on though: :slight_smile:

– edit:
I just realised that Stripe & Stripe Checkout may very well be 2 different Stripe services / products. But when I googled ‘Stripe Checkout Gravity Forms’ I came across this page where the GF add-on is called Stripe Checkout:

So I’m still not sure atm :wink:

Yeah, the Stripe add-on is not the same as Stripe Checkout, specifically in that it doesn’t offer users the option to save their payment info. I currently use the Stripe add-on, but I’m looking for a way to have users easily make repeat purchases without having to enter CC info multiple times.

I googled the same thing, and the tipsandtricks article is for tracking affiliate pay and is not a plugin to activate Stripe Checkout on GF.

This one is tough. I don’t think there is a GF Stripe Plugin that does that, but could be wrong. I think you need to write an API that would talk with Stripe, ask for the users previous info, and then send the Token back. So, let me know if you find an easy way, because I’d be interested!

Keep in mind, a number of people these days save the CC in the browser, so it might be a project for further down the chain.

To anyone else reading this, Gravity Forms does integrate with Stripe Checkout through the standard Stripe plugin. Just go to Forms --> Settings --> Stripe Checkout. :man_facepalming:

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Support for Stripe Checkout was added in v2.6 of the Stripe add-on, which was released on February 12, 2019.