Recall Credit Card #?

Is there a way to recall someones credit card # if they have made a previous purchase using GF?

Gravity Forms does not store the credit card information. If you are using Stripe, and you have set up a Subscription which they agreed to, Stripe will store their credit card information and you will be able to charge them again as an existing customer. Let us know more about what you are looking for and we’ll let you know what is possible. Thank you.

That is helpful.
We have an educational platform where we are going to setup accredited quizzes based on our content. The quizzes will be available on an a la carte basis. After completing the quiz, the user can purchase continuing education credits. After they have enrolled in the system, it would be nice to be able to allow them to use a saved credit card.

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If you are using the Stripe add-on to collect payments, you can use this method to store the card number:

I’m not aware of a way to do that with any of our other payment add-ons.

We are already using the Stripe add-on.
When we request an additional payment, is there a way to have a “use credit card on file” functionality?