Split Entries into 2

I have a questionaire with 2 sections ie the first section is personal details and the second is a quiz question.

Is it possible to have an admin on submission of the form to view the 1st section first and verify the personal details and once that is done they can now access the 2nd section where they grade the quiz response.

Reason is i want to avoid bias grading so if an admin knows that their wife or cousin is taking the quiz they can give them higher grades.

Let me know if this is possible via GF or an addon or plugin.


Setting this up with Gravity Flow would be very easy! The “first section” would be done via an approval step and the second grading part via a user input step. In both cases, you can define which fields can be displayed to the assignee(s), and in the user input step which fields are editable (only your ranking/grading ones).