Span 'columns'?

Is it possible to push elements with styling to take up say 3/4 of the gf_xxxxx_quarters class?

That is not currently possible in Gravity Forms, but the 2.5 version which is in Beta now has better support for columns and CSS Grid. If you have the opportunity to try the beta on a staging or test site, please download a copy here and give it a try:

If you get a chance to give it a try, we would love your feedback here:

Thank you.

Awesome. Great to hear it’s close — and the positive word on Gravity Forms is true to form.
Well done … it’s refreshing in these times to have companies who really value growing and developing their products and customer base with value.

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Thanks Paul. Thanks for being part of the community. We’re excited for what comes next!

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I am happy to use Beta versions in my project. The question is is it stable enough and without errors to use it in the PRD environment?

Please do not use it in a production environment. It’s truly beta and we do not support using it in production use. Please use a test or staging environment. Thank you.