Issue with grid layout in GF 2.5 on mobile devices

I’ve been using version 2.5 for a little while now. I noticed that all forms seem to break the site layout at at a width between 390 and 420px. What I could find is that this grid layout, found in the native layout.css file is responsible for it.
It’s basically demanding 100% width, and then adding the column gap of 2 rem (which would be 32px by WP default setting) per gap.

.gform_fields {
	width: 100%;
	display: grid;
	grid-template-columns: repeat( 8, 1fr );
	grid-template-rows: repeat( auto-fill, auto );
	grid-column-gap: 2rem;
	grid-row-gap: 1rem;

Hi Andre. Thank you for testing the beta. Can you please submit that feedback here so we can get that in front of the product team?

Thank you.