List of New Gravity Forms 2.5+ CSS Classes? [RESOLVED]


I am trying to grok the new CSS classes for GF 2.5+, ( for example .gform-field-row--span-three) but I cannot find any document that lists them or provides any information on the new classes. Please advise.


Hi @SleeperTech I believe since the multiple column layout is new Gravity Forms has yet to post any CSS targeting examples. You can though re-size multi-column layouts directly through the form editor. Here’s an article as well with some known limitations:

Great! Will certainly give this a look-see :grinning:

Update: After looking, that really doesn’t help all that much. But thanks anyway.

Perhaps if you could share what exactly you are wanting to achieve, someone could help out with a CSS snippet.

Fair enough.

So, in response to my earlier question about adding a profile image like the one I saw from an earlier GravityWiz email, that looked like this…


Then David Smith from GravityWiz posted a walk-through video of how he built the form and the custom CSS he used. At 2:52 seconds into that video, I saw the use of some Gravity Forms CSS classes that I was largely unfamiliar with.

For example, at about 3:36s, David introduces the following class as “one of Gravity Forms’ existing classes”: gfield--witdh-two-thirds. As I have never seen this class, I tried to look it up. Can’t find any info of it online, nor did a global search in the GF Plugin reveal any such class.

So I thought it must be a part of the new 2.5+ upgrades. Hence my question inquiring as to any possible List of New Gravity Forms 2.5+ CSS Classes?".

Hope this helps,

David likely found this class when adding 3 fields in a row via the builder. Then, hovering over the row with Google developer tools.

That class specifically is automatically added when you add multiple fields to a row. It is not a class you add like a ready class.

Maybe GF just hasn’t had a chance to write an article about this yet.

If for informational purposes only you probably just have to wait a bit as I know there recent update has required a lot of adjustments.

Well, that makes sense. As I really like the option to customize a forms interface to my needs, I will likely do the same investigative techniques via Dev tools. Pretty strange that I didn’t think about that :grinning: I just assumed it was documented somewhere.

Anyway, here’s hoping GF comes out with a comprehensive breakdown of the new CSS classes, etc. at some point. But yeah, till then: Dev tools for sure.

Thanks for the info, “whomever” …cuz I doubt that a bot is providing this level of detail, if it is, it’s one heckuva bot!!




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