HowTo: Add a profile picture during user registration [RESOLVED]


I’m using the Gravity Forms “User Registration” addon. I need the ability to add a profile picture during the registration process. As well as a way to edit/change the picture during the update profile process (like this GravityPerks image shows (for File Upload Pro).


I’m not sure quite sure of the workflow for achieving this.

I also have GravityPerks and GravityView, but have not yet discovered if this particular functionality exists in either plugin.

I know I can add the image via a file upload field in the Registration Forms (Create and Update), but I’m thinking I have to create a custom page template to show the user profile image (along with other user data). Or, should I (somehow) use the uploaded image as the profile picture?

How would you achieve this? I would appreciate a point in the right workflow direction.


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Hi Preston,

As you may know WordPress doesn’t use uploaded images for users by default, it uses the Gravatar service instead, or generate random images based on the email address used.

The User Registration add-on doesn’t provide any feature to change this default WordPress behavior. Also note that creating profile pages to show the user information is not a feature of the User Registration either.

I would recommend you to reach Gravity Wiz support to see if they have any solution at hand for this purpose, as the animation suggests that.

From Gravity Forms side of things only, a possible approach could be to map the upload field to an user meta key under the User Meta section of the feed, this would save the URL to the image. And maybe this can be of help for use with any of the third-party plugins available to use images for the user avatar, you can find some of them in the repository.

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David Smith over at GravityWiz is a BEAST! He stated that “where there’s a Wizard, there’s a way” … then he proved it! See this video which I am posting here so others can see that what I thought was impossible was indeed possible! Kudos to David Smith!


David Smith IS a beast. Thank you for the shoutout.