Create a user profile with fields to complete after form submission

I run a service on my website where :
The client can submit a form and make the payment with gravity form, and after that he receives a mail with all the documents he must send to us so we can treat his order.

For now he sends us the list of documents by email.

My question is:

Can I create a form with gravity form and the visitors can submit a form with their information, and we create for them an account (by using the user registration add-on).

so later they can login to their account and complete and upload theirs documents directly on the website and see the status of their order

I hope I explained my idea well.

and if someone can tell me the general steps to do that or if there is an another plugin can help me to make the process.


Hello. You could do that, with a simple first form set up with the User Registration Add-On to register a user on the site. Then, create another form, which will ask for more information and file uploads, and create a User Registration feed to “Update user”. That will prefill the new form with information from the logged in user’s profile, and allow them to add more information, which will be added to their profile. If that does not work for you, please let us know what limitations you run into. Thank you.

You did. To build upon what Chris suggested with the User Registration feed/process, I might encourage you to check out Gravity Flow. It’s ability to let you setup a series of steps in a workflow that you assign users (or roles) to is probably just what you are looking for. In particular, the user input step can let you keep those extra upload fields off the original form (by setting them to administrative visibility) and then using the editable fields on the user input step. There are lots of other step types which can both automate activity, or let manual actions like approval become one click activities.


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