User login creation

I am new to GF forms and want to accomplish the following. User must fill in a form and then register with username and password. When the comes back and login with the username and password the user must be able to see previously completed form and edit the form or must be able to fill in a new form that will be added to the user profile for view and edit. Please advise on add-on needed to accomplish this.

My basic website is for a competion where a school/user must register and then be able to add multiple entries under the one username. User must only see their own forms and payments.


Hi Isak,

You should use the “User Registration Add-On” and create two forms:

– User Registration Form that contains fields like username, email, and password (remember to use a “password” field type). This kind of form uses the feed “Create User”. Further info:

– Update User Info Form that contains fields you would like to be able to be changed. This one uses the feed “Update User”.

Also, be sure you have created a page that shows the Update User Info Form.

This plugin avoids displaying the info about the password written because it is a bad practice. I would recommend you to try a third-party plugin that shows a “pre-confirmation” form filled for example:

For creating the intranet, please have a look this third-party plugin which you could create a simple member area using shortcodes:

Hope this helps :wink: