User Registration - BuddyPress Integration Avatars

Hi there,

This has been asked before but not really answered in the context of the dedicated integration that User Registration has with BuddyPress / BuddyBoss

I’d like to use an image upload field to update the profile image in BuddyPress / BuddyBoss.

You have key/value pairs for all custom fields, but as we know BuddyPress doesn’t use a simple key/value pair to interact with the profile image.

Couldn’t the User Registration BuddyPress integration hook into their upload process to allow us to upload user avatars during form submission? Wouldn’t that be a very useful feature for the BuddyPress integration? I’ve been searching for days for a way to achieve a nice seamless profile creation process using Gravity Forms, but if we can’t upload profile photos… then I’m going to have to ditch it all to somehow create a flow that uses the default profile update screens which would be a shame.

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