Show info from a Form on another page on the site

I have a case where I’d like to show info from a form (not yet filled in) on another page. For example, on a Booking page, it shows the available dates a person can select for their appointment. Services are only offered on certain days and require an appointment. However, a new service has been added and walk-ins are welcome, but only on days the other services are provided. I would like to display the ‘Available Dates’ on the home page without someone having to go the booking page to see the dates.

Further context: A Vet Clinic does spay & neuter services only on Saturdays, mostly every other Saturday. On the Booking form, it displays the available dates and the user can select the date and proceed to book an appointment. They have added a service for walk-in pet vaccinations without an appointment, but can only be performed during days the Spay & Neuter Clinic is open. Since it says ‘walk-in welcome, no appt necessary’, I’d like to display the available dates on the home page from the booking form, because it would seem odd to tell them to go to the booking page to see available dates when we just told them no appointment necessary.
I’m sure they could add the dates to the home page every time they add them to the booking form, but that adds extra work and room for error. Any ideas greatly appreciated.