Dynamic Field Values question


If I add fieds to say a registration page - ‘per dog name’

Would that data/input then be available in an event booking form for the same logged in user

Registration Form - Add Pet dog name - ‘doggy’
Booking form - add per dog name - already pre filled with ‘doggy’

Hi, Richard.

That data is not available for the user account by default.

When users submit a form, the data is stored in an entry.

The user can fill the form an ‘N’ number of times, and each time, the field value will be stored in a new form entry.

You’d need to map the field’s data to the form submitter.

Some add-ons can help with the mapping.

First, you need to consider the type of form you are creating, such as a regular form, a user registration form (account creation), an event form, or an appointment-scheduling form. This will tell you what add-on is more suitable for your use case.

Thank you reply. It would be an event form I think. If you could point to an example add-on that may be suitable this would be very helpful. - thank you.

Hi, Richard.

To map the ‘Pet Name’ field in the event-form to the user submitting the form, you’d need the following:

  1. ACF to create a custom field associated with the user to hold the Pet Name.
  2. GP Populate Anything add-on by Gravity Wiz to help you populate the Pet Name if a value already exists associated with the user submitting the form.
  3. Custom code to map the ‘Pet Name’ field value in the form with the custom field created with ACF.

Also, keep in mind that you may want to check whether the user submitting the form is logged in or not. If logged in, you can auto-populate other fields from the user like First Name, Last Name, email, etc., along with the ‘Pet Name’.

If the user is not logged in, you’d need to check if the user submitting the form already exists on your website and map the ‘Pet Name’ to their existing registry or prevent modification.

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